For the woman who’s struggling to be herself


Fitting into the definition of ‘Perfection,

and everything that has to be correct,

you hide behind the masks, to fit into someone’s godforsaken charade.

”Women like the company of responsible men”, they said,

and women would try till all eternity to mold and craft,

but woman will no more care to look at you,

if you crawl back to her, everytime there’s  a mistake that’s new.

And, now that you are not taking the shit anymore,     

people can feel threatened when they find,

that your soft voice is still polite but earnest,

as courageously honest,

and as liberating as your fearless soul.

You will have to be strong,

when they hold you up and shame you into believing,

that you probably gave in less.

Don’t you for a moment cry,   

for bearing the burden of someone else’s guilt on your chest,

and don’t you for a moment let anyone bully your self-esteem and put you


when you show them the place of their ugly games.

believe  me, you’ve been good and trust me you’ve only been good.

REMEMBER, you’ve been bullied and people have asked you for favors the very next day,  and you’ve been polite and loving still.

They want your obedience for the convenience, for the pleasure they find in being able to define your limits, and being limitless in their mistakes.

Let the pretty sense of self-worth be in you.


have a name, fame, power, brilliance and existence,

Embrace it!

Your goals are bigger and your determination has it own grit, and you arent going to stop.

It would be bizzare that they choose to place their honour in burying their mistakes in demeaning you,

I hope you realise you’ll succeed the way you want- and their seems no rulebook to define this,

but, this is my advice,

your fights might seem lonely, but, you are not alone in it.

Of all the things that could be honourable,

like your intelligence and humanity left in you,

or the fact that you are benevolent and strong,

to be forgiving and as a whole, be- what a person should be,

Don’t embarass your worth to take any more shame and cusses.

Remain a woman that leaves a legacy behind.

Remain a woman that leaves a legacy behind.

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