What feminism does not mean?

-Hating men or promoting to hate men or bringing them down. Calling all men rapists. 

Bullying men for absolutely no reason at all. 

– To practice an anti-family movement or leaving families, men in life, and becoming lesbians(if it is not your sexual interest. If it is, you should- happily.) 

– Proving superiority in any way over any other gender (male, transgender, gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, a combination of these or none and other 71 genders) and not preaching equal rights for all genders. 

– Talking of feminism but being hypocrites and asking for extra privileges from the running bodies. 

Most important: Calling yourself a feminist but slut-shaming other women/men/other genders for your ideas of idealist behaviors of living ‘civilized‘ in the society.

What feminism actually is:

  • Fighting for the equal rights of women with all other genders and eradicating the oppression cemented in society. Preaching and practicing equal political, economic, social, intellectual, visionary rights, and equality for all humans of all genders. 
  • Fighting against oppression like patriarchy, sexism, misogyny, hostile and benevolent sexism, misogynoir, transphobia, and several other issues.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, Prohibiting MISANDRY, that is hatred towards men and calling them all rapists. 
    Practicing and Preaching- A ‘yes’ means yes, A ‘NO’ means no FOR All genders. 
    Understanding that rape and the sexual offense could be against men, women, and all genders and NOT just women. In any case, all humans have an equal right against justice. 

How can you preach feminism at home? 

  • Imagine your mother/wife/sister cooking/cleaning/washing/earning/working/doing other chores, (any of the above) and you giving a helping hand because practicing equal work and chores for all. 
  • Learning the diversification of class/colour/creed/gender and being unbiased in your approach towards each of them. 
  • Enabling an environment at home where your mothers/kids/siblings can be of the individuality they want, have dreams they want, study what they want, choose a career they want, love and marry whoever they want without the fear of getting judged. 

  • If you go to a school/class/office where you see someone being biased only because of gender roles, Prohibiting it. 
  • When a woman in your office gets promoted – it COULD also be because she’s good at what she does and likewise for men. 
  • Not having a feeling of control/superiority and dominant authority towards your wife/sister /girlfriend and vice versa towards the men in order to normalise the oppressions. Love, taking responsibility, telling them your opinions and things that bother you, caring at one place and ruling someone and bullying, oppressing at another place. 

How can you prohibit/recognise pseudofeminism in the society? 


  • If you know of women who promote ‘MALE HATRED’ or ‘Misandry’ educate them or least – don’t practice or preach their beliefs. 

  • When you see someone asking for extra privileges that are beyond the concept of ‘rights’ – prohibit it. 
  • If you know of someone who feels women get raped because they dress inappropriately all the time, tell them women in hijab get raped too.
  • If you see a woman saying ‘do men get raped even?’ – stop it right then and there. Same goes for transgender, and other 71 genders. 

How can you prohibit/recognise pseudofeminism in the society? 

  • When you see a woman practicing FEMINISM on her social media, but in real life poking nose to slut shame some other gender – prohibit it. 
  • If a woman feels a man will bare all her EXPENSES – correct her. It’s not just a one-way responsibility. Roles should be adequately defined and managing a house is a responsibility of both and who earns and who cooks can be equally distributed.

And, now, proudly say, you are a Feminist, in spite of being of any gender because if you are not, you are not normal. 

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